Mac pro 13 inch screen protector

Kensington MP13 Magnetic Privacy Screen for 13" MacBook Pro

Its 5-layer design helps reduce glare.

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It also makes it resistant to fingerprints, scratches, and smudges. It is the best MacBook Pro Screen Protector to keep your expensive device safe from daily scratches and normal signs of wear. The protector by Undercvr has a reversible matte and glossy surface finish perfect for any light condition.

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The protector provides a degree privacy angle and equally reduces screen glare to protect your eyesight. Unlike other models on the market, the Undercvr model protects your device, your privacy, and eyesight. This screen protector, just like the previous model, also attaches magnetically to your MacBook Pro. The high-quality material helps reduce the harmful blue light in turn protecting your eyesight. It is equally a great privacy screen filter that limits the viewing angle to 30 degrees keeping all your information confidential.

Apple MacBook Pro 13" w/ Retina Display (2012 til 2015) Clear Skins Full Body Protection

The Kensington product is a great model to buy if you are looking for the best MacBook Pro Screen Protector that gives you the best of both worlds. From keeping your screen safe to protecting your privacy, this is undoubtedly a model to take home. It integrates with any , or MacBook Pro model. The screen protector has a hardness of 4H.

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It is highly resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and dust. The screen protector is ultra-thin and clear allowing you to view HD images and video while still blocking harmful light to reduce eye fatigue.

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It installs easily without any bubbles and when you take it off, it does not leave any residue. Besides, you can still install it back on your screen whenever you want. This model was specially built to protect your eyes thanks to its slightly frosted look. The screen protector helps block over 55 percent of the glare and over 65 percent of the reflection.

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The protector is equally designed to block at least 30 percent of the blue light. With 9H hardness, this protector is shatter-proof and scratch resistant. Unlike other models with oleophobic coating, PerfectSight is more durable. It is resistant to smudges, dust, and fingerprints.

This makes it highly sensitive and responsive.

MacBook Pro 13 Screen Protector – Anti Glare Blue Light Filter

The privacy screen protector is great for open offices and travels. It prevents people around you from accessing your private information whether you are in a public place or not. It equally protects the eyes by filtering out UV rays and blocking blue light.

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Its reversible design lets you choose between matte and glossy. Besides, there are 2 different attachment options to install the protector on your screen. Another must-buy product is this gold-color privacy screen filter.

It is ultra-thin with a glossy finish that provides more clarity than other models. The protector gives you peace of mind when using your laptop in public places because it keeps away prying eyes. It has a standard degree viewing angle allowing only the person directly in front of the device to see anything. Add to wishlist.

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It adheres to the screen and is touch sensitive for easy scrolling. Make your eye health a priority. Protect your eyesight or risk losing it Don't let those amazing digital devices that you and your loved ones love to use - for hours and hours a day - do harm to your eyesight or theirs.

MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar Screen Protectors

Reticare helps reduce the risk of eye strain; blurred vision; dry eyes; headaches; sleep disorders; and retinal damage, such as Macular Degeneration. Reticare is based on 15 years of research on avoidable blindness with international scientists and experts involved. There are , users worldwide. Help preserve your vision by joining them. Reticare is a registered trademark.

All rights reserved. Beware of non-certified, counterfeit products that may resemble Reticare products but are manufactured and sold by some unknown company - they are not genuine Reticare Eye and Screen Protectors. For the best in eye protection, always buy real Reticare products. Customers who bought this item also bought.