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Dragon ball z edition. This is how u eat a big mac nigga!!! dank memes TV. Loading Unsubscribe from dank memes TV? Cancel. Couldn't find a mirror on YouTube so I decided to upload it myself.

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Reply to: Gokan Bruh I thought you were giving off the cliche joke where black dudes don't have their daddy n shit. Featured post Tournament Of Bloggers: 2nd Round. Into DragonBallZ? Join the community. Get App. The actions were clear and Puck and his friends leave Goku Jr. After a long walk, Goku Jr. Luckily at that time a man driving an wheeler stops and asks whether he wants a lift.

The truck has a poster of a burger on the outside but is filled with garbage from the inside. Both Goku Jr. They stop at the Star Mark Service Stand. He tricks Goku Jr. Once Goku Jr. At that time, Puck, who had been following Goku Jr. He moreover advised Goku Jr. He also told him that Mount Paozu was known as a haunted mountain filled with ghosts which are known to kill and eat humans.

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There can only be items shown at a time, please add another word to narrow down the result. When he transforms into the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly's true brutal nature takes hold, and his power seems to rise without end. First post! Fusion Android Majin Buu Pure. Big Mac wasn't sure why his thoughts - or the narrator thereof - phrased it that way, but with what Goku had said about Krillin's losing streak

Puck robs a petrol station and takes some food and a cart which they ride down the side of the road with. After having some snacks they start climbing Mount Paozu. They pass through a dense forest and set up a camp there as it was getting very dark.

During their supper, Puck comes to know that Pan is ill and is dying due to her illness. This changes Puck's heart and he returns the Rocket pen he stole from Goku Jr. At that time, Puck sees eyes gleaming from the forest. They were surrounded by hungry wolves which immediately pounced on the duo. Unknown to his own capability, he jumped so high that he reached the top of a very tall tree. With only Puck in grasp, all the wolves turned their attention towards him.

When he was nearly going to be killed, a gun shot roared in the forest. A pretty girl with a shotgun showed up at the right time and chased away the wolves with her gun.

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She took Puck and Goku Jr. She leaves them so that they can enjoy the food uninterrupted, only to show her true color. She was a vampire sort of creature named Mamba and her sole intention was to eat them after being well fed. She then meets her pals Torga and Susha who are too interested in her catch.

But, she is too resistant to let them have Puck as he is bulky. After the supper, Goku Jr.

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At that time, Goku Jr. They arranged the beds to simulate their sleeping posture and quietly slipped away from the room. Just then, they saw Mamba entering the room and stabbing the bed with a huge knife. But, she instantly found that they were missing and went on a pursuit to get them. When Mamba found them hiding on a window sill, they are chased by Mamba who in the end trapped them in a room where humans were cooked and eaten.


She caught Goku Jr. Puck was trying to help him but just then she summoned a pick axe out of mid air, another one of her abilities. At that moment, he subconsciously hit Mamba with a ki blast which gave Puck some time to topple the huge vessel which had boiling salsa in it, thus trapping Mamba in it. Puck instantly cut off her hair and woke up Goku Jr. They succeeded to give her a slip and came near a valley which was supported by a hanging bridge.