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In GarageBand, recording and editing audio is extremely simple, not to mention it comes with a lot of high-quality effects and plugins that can really improve your sound.

Logic Pro X Tutorial (Everything You Need to Know)

But you can always record your vocals in GarageBand, and then just send your unedited recordings to the audio engineer. For Mac users, the beauty of GarageBand is that you probably already have it, so go ahead and start using it! Now that brings me to my recommendation for PC users…. Mixcraft has a pretty simple interface, although not as pretty as GarageBand, it still gets the job done for basic recording.

Mixcraft's interface is not as pretty as GarageBand's, but it gets the job done. This is one of only two programs we tested that has a companion mobile app. Read the full review. Its interface is clean and easy to navigate. The left side of the screen displays all the available input tools, and the inspector to the right of the score shows information about the notes you input. You can also use your mouse or keyboard shortcuts to add notes to the staff. When your score is complete, you can export it as either a graphic file, MusicXML file or audio file.

Sibelius First is an affordable music notation program with an attractive, easy-to-use interface.

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You can input notes with a computer mouse, virtual piano or virtual guitar fretboard or by connecting a MIDI keyboard to the USB port on your computer. Sibelius automatically adds the correct rests and note appearances, so you can work through a melody quickly without worrying about editing the score as you go. In case you have a hard time getting started, this notation software has 40 genre-specific templates to help spark your imagination.

In its latest version, Sibelius First gained a unique output feature — you can now share your compositions via the Sibelius Cloud. When you finish a score or reach a good stopping point for collaboration, you can hit the Share button on the toolbar to send your work to the cloud. Finale PrintMusic has an intuitive workflow and an easy-to-navigate interface. It boasts an impressive set of note entry tools and editing palettes, and they are all easy to find and use.

When you finish entering notes, you can listen to your composition with the Human Playback feature, which performs your music using one of the hundreds of built-in instruments, including strings, horns and percussion instruments. Finale has a great list of shareable output formats. It outputs publisher-quality printable files as well as PDF and graphic files.

You can also output an MP3 file to share an audio version of your finalized score.

Best DAW for Mac

Finale is the most recognized name in music production software because it is easy to use and has a great selection of notation tools for beginners and advanced user alike. Forte has two great companion apps: one that scans sheet music using the camera on your phone or tablet and a reader app that opens and plays back compositions from the desktop application with your mobile devices.

They are free and available for Android and Apple devices. While you input notes, Forte keeps track of the number of counts missing from a measure and automatically adds the appropriate rests to speed up workflow.

The Best Laptop for Music Production

Rob Nightingale. The best Macs for music production. Price Naturally, the price is going to be a big factor for most producers. FL Studio is one of the most popular software to date. Before opting for the paid versions of these music production software for Windows and Mac, it is always better to check the trial version of it and then, go ahead with the purchase only if you are satisfied. The DAW also uses a stereo bus with tone controls and analogue tape saturation.

Forte also has a volume mixer to control volume and panning for each instrument. When your composition sounds perfect, you can export an MP3 or WAV file to share with other musicians. Noteflight Learn is specifically designed for educators. It syncs with Google Classroom and other popular learning management systems. You can't permanently download the software, but the online platform allows you to access your account from any computer with an internet connection. The toolbar is customizable and includes everything you need to create and edit simple arrangements.

However, the online platform gets bogged down and reacts slowly with complex compositions. There are three versions of the software, including the free Noteflight Basic, which allows you to create and edit up to 10 scores. The UI scales perfectly up to 8K even across multiple displays, which is pretty impressive. There is a large selection of copyright free audio samples which allow you to create music right off the bat, and a playlist option that allows you to drag and drop various audio files.

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Also, the multi-touch feature of the FL Studio allows this software to be controlled with your fingers when using a multi-touch monitor. There are high-quality loops and pattern-based MIDI composition tools. This program has come a long way since its creation in and has been able to change and modernize with the rest of the world. They do a great job as it is kept up to date by the company and has many updates in order to keep the software bug-free.

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This program may seem daunting for some of you when looking at it, especially some youngins, but many people claim that it is a system that is easy to learn. We currently use this DAW in our home studio.

Order Acoustica Mixcraft 6 Home Studio Edition HERE for the cheapest price available:

This software has been hailed as the simplest DAW to navigate and use, especially within the last 10 years or so. Ableton Live takes a unique approach to composition and arrangement when compared with the traditional DAW. To name a few highlights, for one, there is a synth built into the program that allows you to create deep sounds without a keyboard. Pressing play allows you to begin.

Also, with the addition of some new devices called Wavetable, Echo, Drum Bass, and Pedal, you will be able to elevate your music to an entirely new level. You can view multiple MIDI clips across a variety of different tracks, all within a single view.

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This allows you to have a better command over musical tones and relationships present in your song. Everything from melodies and harmonies to sampled beats can easily be turned into MIDI, making it easy to control and customize. Ableton Live also allows you access to over 3, instrument sounds, 5 synths, 3 samplers, drum kits, and over 4, free loops for your personal use right when the download and installation finishes.

Their easy to use browser also allows you to find whatever sounds you want and allows you to place them on your work easily.

Despite these great features, it does take an open mind to make the switch from traditional DAWs to the Ableton Live. Tutorials Community.