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Page X of Y not working properly

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Straight up: How the Kentucky bourbon industry is going high tech. Comment and share: Take control of Word's 'Page x of y' numbering scheme. Show Comments. Hide Comments.

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We do this by breaking the document into sections. In this example I am using the following structure:. Step 1: Insert a section break at the end of the title page, and the end of the contents page.

Do the same thing for the contents page. Now your document has 3 sections and when we insert page numbering it will only number that section. This took me a long time to work out.

If you want something more in-depth, Office for Mac: The Missing Manual seems to be the best office for mac book around, and covers formatting in a lot more detail than the Office for Dummies books. Share Tweet Post.

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  • 2 Easy Ways to Add Page Numbers or Page X of Y Page Numbers in Word;

Trying to create a new page numbering format that includes those options has been unsuccessful as well. It does pull in the Chapter designated from the linked heading style, and page 1 of Appendix A shows A-1 as desired, but so do the remaining 10 pages of Appendix A. Stopping that practice is another goal for the future, and an entirely different story. Hello, Your comments have been helpful in terms of changing from letters to numbers for my pagination.

2 Easy Ways to Add Page Numbers or Page X of Y Page Numbers in Word

The issue I am having now deals with switching from the letters as a footer and the numbers as a header. I saw a document from another reader attempting the same thing recently.

I am having one minor issue which is causing me to tear my hair out with Section Breaks: Once I have applied a Section Break Next Page , it causes the next immediate heading to change in format slightly and drop, thus my headings do not line up in perfect format! I have attempted to amend the heading, re-type it, re-format it but I simply cannot undo the voodoo cast upon it by the preceding Section Break.

Sometimes I work on pleadings that have section breaks at the end of a document. When I try to delete these section breaks, Word also deletes the lines and numbers from the left and right sides of my document. I have never been able to find a way to delete these section breaks without this occurring. Becky — Try to put another hard return between the section break and the text that follows it, THEN delete the break.

Take control of Word's 'Page x of y' numbering scheme

Or put another hard return just before the section break, for the same reason. That will replace all section breaks in the document at once. Thanks for the quick reply. I came across your website when figuring out how to do starting page numbering in the middle of the document.

Tweaking the Numpages field

If you do the entire page numbering without the section breaks then, it would be Page 1 of But in my case, I want 2 sections. I hope someone know what I mean and can help me with this dilemma. Any help is much appreciated! Very useful advice in this particular post!

How to control the page numbering in a Word document

It is the little changes that make the greatest changes. The situation I am currently having is this: when typing and completing the document the page numbers are fine, however, if the attorney goes in and edits something, the page numbers are ridiculous. Skip to content Primary Menu Search for: mac viva glam iv lipstick review free card reader software for mac make a dvd cover on mac usb flash drive mac to windows dvd labels template for mac microsoft project for mac free download.

Take control of Word's 'Page x of y' numbering scheme; Matthew Rathbone. Start Numbering on Page 2 with "Page x of y" numbering style.