Extra sharp cheddar mac n cheese

Creamy Homemade Baked Mac and Cheese

Dairy products are overly expensive, the noodles are 3 bucks for a box, maybe bucks on cheese,and Panko breadcrumbs are 2 or 3 bucks for a can of them. If you think Gruyere is too expensive, try gouda. Made this for our Easter Dinner. Made it exactly as stated except i was concerned that the cheeses were not strong enough. I like cheeses that bite back. I happened to find a new product at the market yesterday. They were sheets of Parmesan cheese that can be used as wraps for deli meat, instead of using bread, I put those in between the layers and on top, can you say awesome.

Because it was. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe and i have tried many.

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These look absolutely delicious! You have amazing food photography too :] Thank You So Much for this awesome sharing! This is amazing! We did sharp cheddar, gruyere, and gouda and it was to die for! Everyone asked for the recipe. Made a double batch and it froze very well. I made this last month and used a mixture of cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan and Colby.

It was absolutely delicious and also reheats well for any leftovers. I need enough for about The most unbelievably decadent Mac and cheese ever. We prefer with only a really good old sharp cheddar and your option for a crisper and firmer crust. Fantastic recipe!

Would I be able to freeze this recipe? And if so how long should I leave the casserole out on the counter and how long should I bake for? But if you try it, I would thaw it overnight in the refrigerator, and then leave it on the counter for 20 minutes or so before baking as directed by the make-ahead directions in the recipe.

I have made this probably five times now. Definitely a keeper. The first time I made it I had to swap the Gruyere because I could not find it in my local supermarket so I got jarlsberg instead. We all love this recipe. If you want to give it a try, I recommend a half to a full teaspoon to give it just a little extra flavor. No one knew the difference. I added pepper jack to the mix for a kick and added breadcrumbs do the top for crunch.

Can i leave the mac n cheese in the oven after baking coz i need to fetch my kids from sch. Will that cause the cheese to dry up or should i just take it out and let it cool?

Which is better? I was just curious about the water amount in the third step please when it says while watsr is coming to a boil. Used what I had on hand which was cheddar cheese. Will make again with both cheeses. We decided to take this and sub out the cheddar for pepperjack, added some parmesan into the topping cheese layer and we also added bacon one person made the sauce while the other cooked fresh bacon.

We also broiled the dish at the end for 5 minutes. This recipe is enough to feed 6 people for sure! Or more if you serve it with something else as a side. We grilled some chicken in a castiron skillet, slice it, and put it on top of our mac n cheese.

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Followed the directions exactly and topped with cheese and the Italian Panko butter crumbs. I will definitely make again! Thank You! My son made this in his homeschool co-op so we tried it tonight for dinner. For the cheese I used sharp cheddar, mozarella and smoked gruyere.

Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

I think next time I will leave out the gruyere because it was a little strong to me. I was unsure about this recipe because both my husband and my son do not like Swiss Gruyere Cheese. If my son had his way, we would eat boxed Velveeta Mac and Cheese 5 nights a week, My husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. That said, this was a real risk. I made the recipe almost exactly as posted. After otherwise making the recipe as directed, I added leftover diced ham.

All I can say, was it was good the first night, but even better the second day. My husband works second shift which means that whatever I make for dinner tonight, he eats the next night. Both my husband and my son requested the leftovers. Made it about 2 months ago and making it tonight to have with meatloaf! Everyone raved about it! Thanks for this recipe! This is it!! Love it, my whole family loves it. I topped with seasoned panko breadcrumbs for a little crunch. Amanda, thank you!

I made this exactly as recipe states and it was delicious. It has wonderful flavors.

Homemade Creamy Mac and Cheese

Yes, absolutely! To make them nice and crispy, toss the breadcrumbs panko are my favorite! Half and half is a dairy product here in the US which is part cream, part milk. Here is the US we only have heavy cream, not single or double, but I would use whichever one is a thicker liquid. I would probably make 3 dishes ahead of time and bake them the day of the party on Saturday. My daughter loved this recipe so much that she requested me to make this for her wedding. There will be guests.

Can I double recipe and use a larger baking dish? Any suggestions would be so helpful. Has the slow cooker recipe been created yet? I would assume it could be done by baking it in a larger dish, it just might take a little bit longer. But very great and easy recipe if you want your wife to leave you. This was an amazing mac and cheese recipe! We loved the cheese in the sauce and layers! The half and half made it extra creamy. May add the buttered panko next time but this is perfect as it is!

Mac and cheese is my favorite food! I added a gluten free garlic bread topping on top of the cheese.

Freezer Friendly

Comfort food to the max!! This is moving into our regular rotation. Also if I added crab to it can I still make it I had a time. I say to cool it down because it will still be hot from the boiled pasta and hot cheese sauce. I think the layers made the difference I really love cheese!

I sauteed some shallots in the butter, sprinkled in some ground mustard in the sauce and also layered bacon in-between and because my husband likes crunch, I topped it off with buttered Pablo! Amanda, this recipe would be perfect for those cold nights.

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I see some try with milk comments, but what kind of milk for the best taste? The Chunky Chef — March 4, am Reply. The Chunky Chef — February 9, pm Reply. Pork Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin total 35 mins. Rate Comment Save Print.

Looking forward to making this for my family. This was amazing. I followed the recipe exact, but added a half teaspoon of mustard powder. I will definitely make it again and make two trays next time. I turned this amazing dish into a lobster mac and cheese recipe for the holidays.