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Not logged in. This page lists various programs and projects that use SQLite. If your project uses SQLite and is not shown here, please feel free to add it. For long descriptions of your project please provide a link.

Aim The first universal information manager to collect every data and files. Afghan Calendar Project : The aim of the Afghan Calendar project is to provide free GNU GPL available multilingual Afghan calendars, that are accessible on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality via free tools. This project is not bound to any political, ethnic, social or religious groupings.

What is "kexi"

Apophenia : a library of data-handling and statistics functions OLS, probit, singular value decomposition, et cetera for C. Includes some features such as a text-to-SQLite parser and in-database calculation of powers and logs that may be useful to non-statisticians. Apple Aperture : Professional photo editing and post-production tool.

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Full support for RAW images. Core Data handles managing data objects, both in-memory and on-disk. Aware The Aware project is an effort to create a software framework to measure, monitor, and control computer system resources.

Kexi on Mac OS X

SQLite has been key in making this software possible, by providing superb indexing performance. We use SQLite for device configuration and motion capture data management. Minidx File Manager Minidx is a professional small and light weight file management system providing full text search capabilities that can be easy embedded in other projects. Python, the programming language since 2. Read our blog post about this. RackMonkey is a web-based tool for managing racks of equipment such as web servers, video encoders, routers and storage devices.

SQLite provides the database backend for the system. Adds support for developers to create, read and write SQLite databases in their Widgets. Firefox 2's anti-phishing feature relies on regularly downloading a SQLite database urlclassifier2. Runs also on Win32, Cygwin and Linux operating systems. Jukebox Selecta Jukebox Selecta : A mp3, mpc etc audio files indexer and tagger. Jukebox Selecta aims to faster and easier to use that others like MediaMonkey or iTunes Implementations include enterprise level support desks, bug and software tracking and task management of many flavours.

So, do they use SQLite? Zeus for Windows : A programmer's editor for Windows platform.

Zeus uses SQLite to manage the tags database, which in turn is used by the class browsing and code completion features. In use in several universities. Uses SQLite to store image meta data and any information entered by the user. PeerGuardian : a P2P privacy firewall. Includes both web and command line interfaces. Both sqlite 2. As usual, you can download Kexi 3. The level designer that ties in to gaming's most beloved Italian plumber finally gets its long awaited sequel.

After several years of hiatus, the Red Faction game franchise is being brought back in the spotlight with a remaster. Softpedia Homepage. Kexi is now fully ported to the latest Qt 5 technologies The most important change in the Kexi 3. Click to load comments. Related Stories.

Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black peripherals are supported.


Add Rating 10 the best 9 excellent 8 great 7 good 6 okay 5 average 4 soso 3 bad 2 really bad 1 ugh. Description: KEXI is a visual database app builder.

Mac OSX: You cant open the application mpkg because PowerPc applications are no longer supported

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Alpnz 13 years ago Hi, have upgraded from. I then downloaded the rpm from the link and installed the newer version. However kexi will not start Also provide exact name of your rpm file. Alpnz 13 years ago OK, I retraced my steps to. Kexi still loading as. Kexi at the prompt does not produce errors, just the wrong version running. Sorry this is all a bit garbled. To find out what version do you have, try: rpm -qa grep koffice-database. I guess you have not compiled Kexi from the source code? From the command line try rpm -qa grep kexi and then rpm -e kexipackagename.

Bleim 14 years ago I want to use kexi to make a small database application, but I don't know how to do some things, so I need some DOCS or how-to's, but I don't find anything. Another thing is scripts.

Free software

Kexi is a visual database applications creator. so it can run on Linux/BSD/Unix e.g. under the GNOME desktop, on Mac OS X (with Fink), and on MS Windows. Moved to the Kexi forum. I note that Krita (another application in the Calligra suite ) does not have Mac OS X binaries available for installation at.