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Super Smash Bros.

Counter Picks Tier List. King K. Mii Brawler. Ice Climbers.

Piranha Plant. Mii Gunner. Duck Hunt. Donkey Kong.

LITTLE MAC - Rating & Overview

Banjo And Kazooie. Captain Falcon.

Little Mac to Pound Face in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

Dark Pit. Mii Swordfighter. Diddy Kong.

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Wii Fit Trainer. Meta Knight.

Game And Watch. Young Link. King Dedede. Rosalina And Luma.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac

Zero Suit Samus. Mega Man. Toon Link. Dark Samus. Bowser Jr. Whiff punishing is everything with Mac. The down tilt getting less knockback would also solve a lot of combo starting issues as well as give mac some more options. Great feedback though!

Little Mac Combo Thread | Smashboards

Thanks for the feedback. All in all, if Nintendo were to bring back Smash 4 Mac with the side B that doesn't put him to free fall coupled with Ultimate mechanics, he'd be golden. Little mac is so incredibly limited compared to any other character.

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Little Mac is a character that relies heavily on punishing. With very few options to pressure the opponent safely (those being f-tilt, d-tilt, and f-smash straight). SSBU > Little Mac. Little Mac Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork. Little Mac Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves, tips and combos Light Attack / Quick Combo.

He's completely useless in the air and doesn't a have a projectile or decent anti-air, which means he has to approach.. Not only that but since Ultimate's new engine has changed the ways where Little Mac cannot run past his opponents makes his approach very predictable, coupled with the grounded Side B that doesn't travel as far and nerfed tilts makes his ground game useless compared to his previous iteration. Him having no air game is enough of a downside to balance KO punch.

Honestly it's kinda sad and I'm sure the devs were like: "yeah, let's give Mac only one chance to get back to the stage", whereas others multiple chances to recover as long as they save their double jump.

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All Smash 4 Little Macs I know of went over to Incineroar, who essentially is just a better version of him in nearly every way imaginable besides mobility. And this doesn't even go into how Incineroar has so many other things over Little Mac, like having a command grab and a good normal grab , an actual air game, or being able to recover. I actually stuck with mac, just because of how slow incineroar felt to me. And now that I main characters with actual options like Pichu, he's my pocket character for when I want to give someone else an advantage.

Little Mac Super Smash Bros. 4 moves, tips and combos

He's fun for me to play, just not good. There's so much wrong with this character it's actually laughable. Any player with an ounce of brainpower should be able to beat him.

How To Play Little Mac In Smash Ultimate

You know you say that, but a mac that does better than should be taken pretty seriously. He can cheese a game from experienced players who have your same mindset. Guess I have no brainpower, every single little mac I've fought just bodies me. He gives me more trouble the any other fighter. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It's "tonight's BIG loser". Little mac just feels like a playable assist trophy. My Raptor Boost can't hit anything.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac

If you dash attck too much you'll get a hard time. Because of this move, walking instead of running is advised to control space. They make him godlike at footsies though. Super Smash Bros. An uppercut.

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