Gta san andreas mac unhandled page fault

GTA: San Andreas Problem on Mac

March 12th, 6.

It is still showing : 'Program error message' I using ubuntu 9. March 12th, 7. Originally Posted by sportspool7. Ok thanks your information and I have tried with no cd patch but still no working. March 13th, 8. Originally Posted by asdfoo. Attached Images Screenshot. October 29th, 9.

wine libraries and opengl problem

It says serious error and shows that box. Some please help us. October 29th, Originally Posted by bhaveshnande.

Exception Raised

I have 30 hours sunk into SA. Same issues as you guys. No issues found at all. Gamepad fully recognized. The review here is only for reference and there is no download link.

I got the same problem.. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Post new message.

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  2. Exception Raised.
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  7. Wine 3.1 Released.

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Gta san andreas mac unhandled page fault

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