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Note: Requires Inspiration 9. This will create a file with the extension. In your email app on your iPad, open the email with the attachment, and double-click on the attachment to open it with Inspiration Maps. Note: Mind maps created in Inspiration 9 Map View, and presentations created in the Presentation Manager cannot be exported to your iPad. An alternative for mind maps is to turn the mind map into a diagram, then export the diagram as an Inspiration Maps document.

To convert your mind map into a diagram, choose Make Diagram Document on the File menu. To export, follow the directions above.

A: To use Inspiration Maps documents on your desktop, you need to be running Inspiration 9. Note: Diagrams and outlines imported into Inspiration will be saved as Inspiration 9 documents. In order to open your document again on your iPad, you will have to export your document as an Inspiration Maps document when you are finished working on it on your computer. Error message questions. DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. What do I do? A: This error message means that you are running a version of Windows N on your computer.

For Windows For Windows 7: Q: I see the error message 'Could not run insp9. A: The file you downloaded is a self-extracting installer. Rather than double-clicking it to start the install process, instead please extract the files manually using WinZip or a similar utility , which you can get for free from winzip. Open that folder, then double-click 'Inspiration 9 Installer. Note: the folder and installer names might differ slightly depending on which version of Inspiration you're installing.

Q: I see the error message 'Online resources are currently unavailable. For a solution, please email. In your email, please include your authorization code, edition US or IE , and indicate whether you are using Mac or Windows. A: Yes, the presentation can play on a computer withour Inspiration 9 by using the Inspiration Presenter. It can be found in the Help menu under 'Copy to Inspiration Presenter'. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from this. Copy or transfer the Inspiration Presenter to the target computer and open it. Then use the Open dialog to select the presentation file.

Q: When drawing a link to a symbol I see a green glow around the destination symbol, what is that? A: The green glow indicates the potential connection points along the symbol for straight link lines. This is an increase over the default eight connection points on a symbol. It allows for a smooth movement when repositioning the symbols in the document. Q: I saved an Inspiration 9 file as an Inspiration 8 file and my inserted graphics are not appearing. Q: I'm trying to open a presentation file on a computer withour Inspiration 9 installed and getting an error of 'Command line option syntax error.

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For a solution, please email. Users can scroll through a huge library of furnishings; use new editing, composition, curation, and organization tools; and work alongside web browsers, notes, and email. Engineers and scientists in all over the world keep trust on it. Inspiration is a visual thinking tool that you and your employees can use to develop ideas, plans, and business processes. They take full advantage of the larger screen and powerful architecture of your Mac.

What's happening? Then you can create fun animations and add music to the slideshow. This program is highly recommended for basic users who aren't looking for more in-depth programs such as Access. My sons needs were met and so were mine with this Microsoft package. The install was difficult I had to uninstall all old programs I had before I could get this to install correctly many hours of failed attempts with customer service which was terrible for me to figure that out on my own. I was able to create slideshows and documents so easily with the help of templates.

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My son's report papers looked great and were easy for him to maneuver through the settings and find the things he needed. I highly recommend this to any household with children in school or college student it has everything you need for everyday needs. My favorite project was the calendar I was able to create and print out for our command center totally customizable. I am a Windows lady.

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Always have been. I love the features and ease of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, in business and personal use. I had Office on my laptop when I first got it and once the trial period ended, I was forced to use an online generic word program to construct my documents and it was so basic that it was really useless. I couldn't even save documents with it. I am so happy to have Word and the other applications back! Installing Office onto my laptop was so easy and took less than 10 minutes. The longest part of installing it was the downloading process.

If you already have had Office, you simply log in with your email account and continue the process. If you do not have Office installed, you create an Outlook email address and follow the steps to download. It is really that easy. All the applications are installed with no restrictions and ready for use. You can do so much with the applications, construct resumes, business cards, create a slideshow, create a budget and so much more. It is great to have for students who need to complete online work.

And the HELP feature is very easy to use and informative.

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I am very satisfied with all the features of Office. This is a spectacular software! What I love so much about this software is that it came with the basic features of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These are very essential for me to get my personal work done; and for my son to get his schoolwork completed as well in a professional manner. I downloaded this software to my laptop using the electronic product key, and it took about less than 5 minutes or so to install. Now, we can carry my laptop around and be able to use the Microsoft Home and Student Software at any given time.

This is so convenient! Also, if you have a wireless printer you will be able to print from Microsoft Home and Student software, as well. Just make sure your printer is installed to your computer or laptop.

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What also impressed me was that it came with the installation of the OneNote Version which was pretty cool! The OneNote has a storage cloud in which you can store as much notes as you want and organize your notes the way you want it to be organized. There was absolutely nothing that I disliked about the Microsoft Office Home and Student software. I just love the convenience of having it downloaded to my laptop, the easy access of using all the features, and the extra bonus of having the OneNote Version.

This is pretty cool!

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Support for Mac OS (Mavericks) and import/export of files between If you purchased an electronic download, your activation code is located in the email. Support for Mac OS (Mavericks) and import/export of files between Inspiration but you may need your serial number (CD version) or activation code (download If you originally installed Inspiration 9 from a physical CD or have a serial.

So I am very grateful that I get to give this windows program a try. This particular version is the home and student version for windows It gave me directions to go to the office setup website and to put the product key in and it would be good to go. This was not the case for me.

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Multiple times I tried to do this setup and it did not work, I just kept continuing to get an error code. After awhile of fighting with it I had to contact Microsoft and they had to remotely access my computer and go through another way to download the program. Once the program was downloaded it took forever for installation. If you have slow internet be aware of this, and the fact that it does take up 5 gigs of storage so it's rather large. It claimed to have included PowerPoint, word. Excel "and more". The and more includes outlook and one note.